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  Is Cruising For You?  

Did you know that 80% of Americans have not taken a cruise?  We were told this by several cruise lines.  To be honest, I was very surprised. 

When we took our family to the Grand Canyon we were told that 97% of people who visit the Grand Canyon, never go below the viewpoints on the rim of the canyon.  Again,  I was a little suprised.  Why?

Well, I have hiked the Grand Canyon three times.  I have also rafted (this IS NOT CRUISING!) all 287 miles through the upper and lower portions of the canyon on the mighty Colorado River.  Absolutely unbelievable trips!   When we took our three boys to see the Grand Canyon, they were younger and there aren’t hand rails when you hike.  Mom was very concerned but we took the plunge.  We didn’t go too far down the canyon, but you’d be surprised how quickly you decend in just ten minutes or so.  Now all of us are part of that 3% that have ventured "into" the canyon.

Kirstin and I have done our share of cruises.  We’ve taken to no fly cruises from NJ to Bermuda.  Once for a little birthday celebration and the other was a Family Group Trip with my mother, her sister, my brother’s family and our family.  We have also done an Eastern Caribbean cruise by ourselves and a Bahamas cruise with several other families.

We like to expose our children to a variety of vacation experiences.  In addition to the Grand Canyon, they have been to Sedona, AZ, have hiked in Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Canyonlands and Goblin Valley.  They’ve been to Disneyworld, Universal, Sea World and Legoland.  We also go to Myrtle Beach, SC and the Jersey shore often and have been to St. Thomas USVI for a weeks vacation.  Why?

Well, we had visited some amazing destinations and created incredible memories before he had children.  We have both been to China with Kirstin living in Hong Kong for many years.  I have bungy jumped in New Zealand, scuba dived in Thailand, The Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef off Australia.  I’ve hiked Ayers Rock, hiked Mt. Tongariro and Mount Batur in Bali.  The point is, we want our children to know there are a lot of spectacular places to visit, learn and see.

We were celebrating my youngest son’s birthday recently with his grandparents.  We were discussing the launch of this business, and Grandma Sue asked the boys which was their favorite vacation.  Before I let them answer, I reminded them of all the different vacations we had been on and all the amazing sights they have already seen. 

One by one, each said, "the Bahamas cruise was the best." 

"Why?" we asked.

They each responed similarly...  "We were able to hang out with their friends.  We saw a bunch of different places and did different activities.  Free food whenever you wanted.  We could do what we wanted, when we wanted.  We had nice dinners near our parents, but could leave when we were done."

Keep in mind, at GKG Travel, we can book ANY TYPE OF VACATION YOU WANT! 

However, cruising has changed over the past few years.  Ships today have more ammenities, activities, itineraries, destinations and more extravagant ships are being built.

The larger ships are a combination of a traveling city with an amusement park or a floating resort.  The stabilizers they use eliminate the motion, so you wouldn’t even know you are on a moving vessel. 

Some places are best scene by ship or provide unique views like Alaska, the Hawaiin islands and European cities.  River cruises drop you off right in the middle of the city so you can disembark and be seeing the sites in minutes. 

The value is also very good as most of your "vacation expenses" are included in the cost of the cruise - transportation to destinations, lodging and food.  On river cruises, even your sight seeing excursions are included.

Excursions and activities are more robust including sushi classes, zip lines, rock climbing walls to bowling alleys and go-karts on board ships, and more adventurous excursions are being offered, if desired.

Spending quality time with family and friends is a lot of fun.  But trying to decide upon the perfect vacation to address everyone’s "wants" can be a challenge, and a cruise could be the right solution. 

We are here to help, so please, give us a call so we can help you plan an unforgettable Dream Vacation!



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